Dimitrij Kitajenko (Dmitry, Dmitri, Dimitri, Kitayenko, Kitaenko)

Astute Distance

Music: *****
Sound: *****

Even ten years on from the founding of his record label, Dieter Oehms still has a few tricks up his sleeve. (…) A great success story rings out from Cologne. Following its further audible progress from the already high level achieved in recent years, the orchestra now possesses a well rounded and thoroughly characteristic tone, giving new meaning to the word ensemble. And all of this is not simply a superficial shimmering brightness, but rather a precision and vividness which stems from within. In this sense Dmitri Kitaenko also has an easy hand to play, not simply portraying Tchaikovsky's Fifth as discordant “Murmurs, doubts, plaints”, but rather as a score which in distancing itself from such subjective interpretations has a lot to say. He felicitously combines his emotional understanding of the opus deriving from his inherited roots with a committed culture of performance which delights in detail. This symbiosis, even though incorporating throughout surprisingly restrained tempi, enables the coherent build-up of deep, expansive and precisely realised tension-laden phrases. And the proof of this approach in practice? The juxtaposition with the Overture to the “Queen of Spades” written only slightly later, which proves to be a musical eye-opener.

Michael Kube, FonoForum, June 2012