Dimitrij Kitajenko (Dmitry, Dmitri, Dimitri, Kitayenko, Kitaenko)

Tchaikovsky's unfinished Symphony in E flat major on Deutschlandradio and soon out on CD

“Whatever music Kitaenko puts in front of 'his' Gürzenich Orchestra is mysteriously turned to gold”, writes the Kölner Rundschau following the Gürzenich Orchestra's latest concert under the direction of Dmitri Kitaenko. On the programme was Tchaikovsky's 7th Symphony in E flat major, a work which remained uncompleted at the composer's death and which was carefully reconstructed by Semyon Bogatirev about 60 years ago. This was the first noteworthy performance of the piece in Germany and a Cologne première. “The result was bright and precise in tone, interpreted with passion by the large orchestra as though touched by the undying hand of genius”, the Rundschau continues.

Deutschlandradio Kultur was broadcasting the concert, which opened with Milhaud and Saint-Saens, on Sunday 29 April from 20.03. In the interval, listeners were able to follow an interview with Dmitri Kitaenko about Tchaikovsky, the 7th Symphony,and the conductor's work with the Gürzenich Orchestra.

The 7th Symphony in E flat major op. posthum will add to the complete symphonic collection of  Tchaikovsky's works currently being released by OehmsClassics. With the addition of the widely unknown symphony Dmitri Kitaenko is continuing in his efforts to enrich the standard repertoire with new and little known music.