Dimitrij Kitajenko (Dmitry, Dmitri, Dimitri, Kitayenko, Kitaenko)

'Perfect technical control and a good portion of genius'

"Dmitri Kitaenko wanted his Tchaikovsky cycle with the G├╝rzenich orchestra to be crowned with Iolanta, the composer's last opera", writes Remy Franck in Pizzicato. "The coronation party in Cologne's philharmonic concert hall was more than a big success, it was a sumptuous, musically moving opera evening at the highest level." About Kitaenko's conducting the critic says: "This art requires both a perfect technical control and a good portion of genius. It's the only way to give the conductor's technique a suggestive charisma which allows an ensemble of more than 100 to share the inspiration of the conductor who, at the podium, is homogeneously forming the whole sound."

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