Dimitrij Kitajenko (Dmitry, Dmitri, Dimitri, Kitayenko, Kitaenko)

“One of the few genuinely significant Tchaikovsky cycles“

Kitaenko seeks neither tonal extremes nor excessive prominence in the outer voices, but rather a warm, harmonious overall sound. Even with Shostakovich or Prokofiev, he achieves astonishingly nuanced and polished tonal landscapes. With Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, however, he is truly in his element; the “western” orchestral treatment of both composers favour interpretations of great depth and beauty. Kitaenko knows how to render Tchaikovsky in particular exceptionally vivid and colourful – his complete recording of the symphonies (currently in production with OehmsClassics) promises to be one of the few genuinely significant Tchaikovsky cycles.

Volker Tarnow, concerti, 05/2010