Dimitrij Kitajenko (Dmitry, Dmitri, Dimitri, Kitayenko, Kitaenko)

Two concerts with the Helsinki Philharmonic

On the 17th and 18th February, Dimitri Kitaenko conducts Finland's second oldest orchestra, the Helsinki Philharmonic, created in 1882. The concerts take place at the Helsinki Music Center (Finnish: Helsinginmusiikkitalo), which was inaugurated in 2011. With a concert hall seating 1700, it is also home for the Sibelius Academy.

Prokofiev's lively First Symphony (Symphonie Classique), as well as his first Violin Concerto are on the program of both concerts. Sergei Krylov is the soloist in this work, whose success was founded only years after its first performance, by Joseph Szigeti. The great Hungarian violinist wrote in his memoirs that this concerto fascinated him “by its mixture of fairytale naïveté and daring savagery in layout and texture.” The concerts are ending with Piotr Tchaikovsky's passionate and fateful Sixth Symphony, the 'Pathétique'.