Dimitrij Kitajenko (Dmitry, Dmitri, Dimitri, Kitayenko, Kitaenko)

In the international limelight: the Tchaikovsky cycle on OehmsClassics

Dmitri Kitaenko and the Gürzenich Orchestra's Tchaikovsky recordings regularly continue to meet with resounding approval internationally. At the end of September the Second and Third Symphonies received a great deal of attention on Ö1 bis zwei on the Austrian classical music radio station OE1. “The orchestra plays sensitively with a keen sense of nuance and Dmitri Kitaenko is the ideal conductor.” They continue: “This is further proof that, with the right conductor and the right repertoire, even an orchestra which isn't considered one of the top 10 in Europe can produce top-quality recordings which need fear no comparison.” The French online magazine ResMusica considers Dmitri Kitaenko's performance to be particularly convincing, powerful and energetic, yet full of sensitivity. The online review ranks the Second Symphony as one of the best recordings in the extensive discography.

In awarding a "Supersonic" to Kitaenko's recording of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony, Pizzicato has conferred its highest award and has rated the recording as a further high-ranking contribution to Kitaenko's complete Tchaikovsky cycle. The reason: “Many conductors have cleaned up the piece and neglected the drama. Not the case for Dmitri Kitaenko! In just under twenty minutes, Kitaenko and the Gürzenich Orchestra bring forth a flood of completely uncontrolled emotions, which Kitaenko emphasises with bold rubati and forceful accents, turning the work into a psychological drama, a traumatic experience.”

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