Dimitrij Kitajenko (Dmitry, Dmitri, Dimitri, Kitayenko, Kitaenko)

Tchaikovsky in 3D

Rating: *****

(…) Fired up by Kitaenko, the Cologne musicians go about their task with such passion, playing so sonorously, and with such precision and commitment as though it were the Pathétique.  The powerfully arranged outer movements resound magnificently without turning excessively to hollow pathos.  The Scherzo however is characterised by a merry, dance-like lightness of spirit, almost becoming a musical sister to Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream.  The 72-year-old Russian, who was appointed principal guest conductor of the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra last autumn, succeeds admirably in bringing the music to life. Tchaikovsky in 3D.

Frederik Hanssen, rbb kulturradio, 25 January 2013